Meet the Doctor

luciaj_team_67-smallDr. Jamie Lucia, DC has been providing  animal chiropractic  for many years in the San Francisco bay area. The focus of her animal care is to check and to adjust the spine on a proactive basis, with the goal to restore mental, physical, and emotional well being. As such, she is able to maximize potential and performance in her animal patients. The purpose of the  animal chiropractic adjustment is to remove interference to the nervous system, which then allows the nervous system to function at its very best. This results in a happy, healthy, and well-balanced animal, and helps in fighting disease, degeneration, aging, and stress.

Dr. Jamie works with many of the bay area veterinarians and has adjusted thousands of animals. She is always pleased and amazed at the miraculous benefits that a holistic health care regime provides for her animal clients. She is passionate about proactive care for animals, and specializes in monthly plans that are designed for each of her clients on an individual basis.

meet-the-doctor-smDr. Jamie has been featured in many local newspapers and magazines. She teaches regularly at chiropractic colleges as well as presenting seminars and clinics at many of the local veterinary clinics and equestrian centers. She is a regular speaker at organizations, corporations, and clubs on animal chiropractic and natural health care for animals.

University of Pennsylvania: BS Biology
University of Sydney: MS Neurology
Palmer College of Chiropractic: Doctor of Chiropractic
Parker College of Chiropractic: Certified Animal Chiropractor